The Photographer himself with wife Erika. They got married in Mallorca.
Photo: Daniel & Davina Photography.

Top photographer Victor Lax and his amazing photographer wife Erika Biarnés Osorio, took these fabulous wedding photos at Hotel Castell Son Claret in Mallorca.

Their super power comes from always finding a new way to describe the obvious. 

– V and F’s was one of the best weddings I have ever experienced, because it had so much passion and craziness, says Victor.
Victor Lax’s photographic style is very documentary and arty rolled into one.

It is easy to see why his wedding photos have won fabulous awards – they are so different – both soulful and passionate, and have lots of depth, colours and contrasts.

Victor Lax started his career as a photojournalist at a small newspaper, and worked hard for 10 years documenting the world, before he stumbled on his first wedding.
– Back in 2008 we experienced the crisis severely here in Spain. I was offered a job as an assistant wedding photographer, and took it, says Victor.

– I had never even thought of doing weddings before. But I immediately loved it! One wedding led to another and eventually I started working with photographer Erika Béarnes Osorio, who is now my wife.
Nowadays Victor and Erika always work together in many exotic places worldwide.

Bride of the century

– Every wedding is a new adventure for us, says Victor. We never get bored because all the wonderful places are different, the couples have such varied personalities and seeing all the corners of the world is very inspiring.

Victor and Erika live just outside Barcelona with their young son Leo who will be two in 2021. They photograph 30 weddings a year – travelling constantly.
When Erika and I capture a wedding I believe we give people memories and a little bit of art too, says Victor Lax.

– At V and F’s wedding we were floored because there was so much passion, partying and craziness times 10! We were allowed to spend hours with the bride and her friends during the unforgettable preparations – laughing the entire time! V will go down as the bride of the century!

The three party days started with a lovely pre party at a restaurant by the sea. There was dancing on the tables and a frolicking tone was set for the coming days.
Victor remembers lovely extras surrounding the wedding at Castell Son Claret too.

Light Art

– We loved the way the various spaces changed from the garden where the ceremony was to the cocktail by the facade and the gorgeously decorated patio for the dinner. The planners at Magicmed introduced us to Stefan Hollenberg, the light artist, and we experienced his fantastic art for the first time. After dinner all the music,acrobatics, dancing and fun began, all blended in with the light art. It really was so wonderful and crazy!

– The following day the garden was transformed into a country market scenario with rustic market stands for cava sangría, tapas, suckling pig and lots of show cooking. – And afterwards the crazy pool party began with a band, DJ and more acrobatics!

The fruit of Victor Lax’s and Erika Biarnés Osorio’s labour on those crazy days is presented in the stunning photos in the gallery on these pages.

What advice would you give aspiring wedding photographers?

– One – have lots of patience. Two – work hard. Three – have more patience and four – get yourself a good mentor to look up to. Another good piece of advice is to get a good relationship with the people you are taking photos of. It is important to understand when you can walk up to people and when you can’t. Sticking to that will help you immensely!

Top Wedding Photographer Victor Lax’s Awards

Fearless Photographer of the year, 2016, 2018 & 2019
Best of the best by Junebug weddings 2016
Photographer of the year WPS 2017
Photographer of the year Unionwep 2019
Photographer of the year The Exception Photographers 2020.

Text: Charlotte von Proschwitz.
Photo: Victor Lax.