The views at this estate are nothing less than spectacular.

Be the lord and lady of a 519 metre high mountain, 960.000 m2 of fabulous land, a finca with 10 bedrooms, an olive mill and a hunting lodge in Alaró.

Alaró is a charming village located some 25 minutes from Palma. The village has lots of activity. There is a great mix of Mallorquin and international residents. There are nice restaurants and bars and the village is famous for being extra friendly.

In a very private location, with no paths or neighbours next door, a gorgeous piece of land with spectacular views and great farming possibilities is located. The finca used to be a vineyard and could easily become one again today.

Currently olive trees, carob trees, almond trees and alfalfa is grown on the farm, and further up towards the 519 metre high mountain mostly pine trees grow.

The finca is a beautiful home, but it could be turned into a charming boutique hotel. Today there are 10 bedrooms, but many more could be made using the outhouses around the main building. A pool project has been started and is fully licensed.

Sales contact:
Phone: +34687934707

Reference: EMM3

PRICE: 5.450 000 €

The finca mansion’s living area is spread over a 802  living area . There is a lovely olive mill, a great kitchen, several salons, terraces and gardens and there is 658 m2 of storage space that could be transformed into for example hotel rooms.

At the moment the finca has 10 bedrooms, a fantastic attic space with windows and lovely views, several larger rooms and a cosy kitchen. 

With as much as 960.000 m2 of land you become a proper land owner and on the estate there is even a hunting lodge in the mountains that can be made into an extra comfortable home.

Walking to the Alaró centre takes about 12 minutes. Driving to Palma takes 25 minutes.

Local tips include:

A hike to Alaró castle n the mountains is a must.

Have lunch afterwards at Es Verger, famous for its lamb but not for its decor 

Bodega Olorón vineyard does tastings. Make sure to make a booking first. 

Es Rústic Petit Restaurant is one of the popular eateries to visit in the village.

Text: Charlotte von Proschwitz.
Photo: Thomas Engstrom.


The land whispers as we approach. We can hear tales of horsemen, lovely ladies and intriguing families that have lived here generation after generation. 

The beauty of finca Son Togores is timeless. Every guest that visits seems to wish to host an experience or a celebration on the fascinating premises.

Son Togores

The finca is flanked by the Tramuntana mountains and surrounded by land with trees. It is located just 15 minutes from Palma, near the village of Esporles, and very easy to reach. 

You drive through an elegant mharés stone gate that looks very grand, and suddenly the finca emerges on a hilltop like a mirage, with its tower, its splendid terraces, its artful fountain and its well kept gardens.

Fairy tale blossom

Son Togores is pretty as a picture, surrounded with trees filled with olives, oranges, lemons and carobs. The 100 hectare area has 100 sheep and 2000 almond trees as well. In February, when those trees blossom, the white and pink almond flowers make the estate look like a picture from a fairy tale.

Son Togores is different from many of the islands other ‘possessiós’. Through many generations it was owned by various Mallorcan families until another Mallorcan man, who lived a large part of his life in Lebanon and Egypt, decided to change it. 

Joan Muntaner i Rosselló was a businessman who came back to Mallorca and bought the old Moorish buildings and vineyard at Son Togores. In 1891 he created a glorious Tuscan style mansion with a courtyard and a chapel, adding marble, balustrades, gardens and terraces too.

Experiences in 1908

Joana Cañellas, daughter of the current owner of Son Togores, Sebastian Cañellas, tells us Sr Muntaner had his own way of life. All the rooms have numbers on them, and no one really knows why.  In l’Almudaina you can read that Son Togores was giving people experiences as early as in 1908, when a group of visitors spent some time at the Sr Muntraner’s marvellous Tuscan finca, loving the comfort of the building and its pretty terraced gardens and going for excursions in the beautiful neighbourhood.

A few decades later, Joan Muntaner i Rosselló’s will and testament made clear that he was ahead of his times in more ways. He asked that 50 percent of his assets be donated to men and women who did not have sufficient means to live by, and created a foundation for people who could not afford university studies.

Nowadays the Son Togores farm produces a lot of fruit, almonds and olives, aided by EU-funding, and sheep are also kept. A lot of new trees have been planted recently. Carob trees are especially advantageous as carobs are used in esthetic products these days. 

Top food

– We love Son Togores and my family has discussed how best to preserve the estate, says Joana Cañellas. 

 – It could be made into a school, a hotel or a restaurant. We looked into the hotel idea, which is a very big investment, and have settled on hosting events and experiences here. We have international weddings already, and are branching out to do more corporate events, excursions, activities and meetings as well. 

The culinary delights for events at Son Togores are supplied by the excellent Fosh catering team. The cuisine is that of chef Marc Fosh, who has a Michelin star at his Palma restaurant, led by the equally fabulous chef Kevin Becker and his crew. The weddings, banquets, gala dinners, lunches and show cooking experiences at stunning Son Togores match the beauty of the ambience with top quality flavours and textures. 

 Not only does Son Togores have terraces for cocktails, lunches and dinners. The courtyard is perfect for gatherings, and there are several large and small salons inside the finca that can host meetings and events for groups of various sizes. 

Talayotic remains

There are interesting places to visit on the Son Togores property. Visitors can take a trip on mountain bikes or enjoy a fabulous hike in the surrounding mountains. There are talayotic remains to see, and some guests might enjoy having a picnic on the way.

One of the newest additions at the finca is a large welcome terrace on the other side of the finca entrance, where it is easy to picture all sorts of team building games. As it is large and beautiful it would be perfect for outdoor exhibitions.

Please contact for more information about the finca and its services.

Couples using ‘s services have been very happy with their experience at finca Son Togores:

‘Wow!! The wedding at marvellous Son Togores was an absolute success, we had amazing reviews! Thank you for everything, we are so happy with the outcome and how everything turned out!”

Ivailo and Brooke, August 5th, 2019

”We had the most perfect day at amazing Son Togores, it couldn’t have gone better, thank you so much for everything. ”

Alex and Richard. August 23rd, 2019

Text: Charlotte von Proschwitz.
Photo: Thomas Engström.


If you loved making castles in the sand as a kid, Mallorca’s fincas will fascinate you.

Imagine a cross between a château and a grand farmhouse with lots of charm.

Historic ‘possessiós’ – or finca estates – are great places for the most amazing events, weddings, excursions and activities too!

In their heyday, Mallorcan ‘possessiós’ were large centres of culture and business. 

It’s hard to tell when they emerged exactly. Evidence of human settlements on the island goes back as far as 6.000 years BC. Being located in a central spot in the Mediterranean, Mallorca was always sought after by the lords of the land around the island.

Business hubs 

Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Vandals, Moorish pirates and others came, conquered and left, but when the long Moorish rule began in the 9th century, their alqueria houses, terraced farming, irrigation and gardens became an integral part of Mallorcan life. By the time King Jaime I claimed Mallorca in 1229, many of the Moorish alquerias were confiscated and turned into estates for the king’s noblemen and their families. 

 Spanish noblemen began to rule the areas around their property. That included not just housing areas, but also facilities used for farming and extensive areas of land. By the middle ages the ‘possessiós’ had become a symbol of how the island was run. They were a way of structuring society, of perceiving time and of understanding life. 

The architecture of each estate, as well as the organisation that went into the farming, reflect the social structure and cultures around at the time the estate was built. Thus many cultures helped shape the emblematic fincas, and they became important business hubs that ran the agriculture, livestock farming, hunting and forestry on the island. 

Cardinal Despuig 

 Typically, a finca estate would have a main building where the owner family lived, and the workmen would be housed in much simpler abodes around the ‘possessió’. As churches were often located a long way off, the owners created chapels on site to provide a place of worship for the workmen. Today many of the chapels are still used, often for weddings.

In 1785 Cardinal Despuig created a work of art when he made a map that placed 1300 ‘possessiós’ all over Mallorca. The old alquerias from the Moorish era, with their abundant water and many cultivated riches, were mixed with newer estates that had been feudally governed by the descendants of King Jaime’s noblemen. Imagine as many as 1300 lovely castle-like buildings scattered all over the island! And lots of them are still here today!

The ‘Senyors’ where the descendants of the first Spanish king of Mallorca. They were instrumental in the creation of more landowners among the local people too. 

Amo and Madona

At the ‘possessió’ the senyors had a right hand man, known as the ‘Amo’, who was responsible for the way the farm and the estate were run. His wife the ‘Madona’ was in charge of the domestic arrangements, making food for the ‘Senyors’ as well as the ‘pagesos’ who farmed the land and did the work. The workmen lived simply and carried out the many tasks. They took care of the horses, cows, pigs, chickens and herded the sheep. They were there to sow the grain, often aided by extra workforce when necessary, plant the trees, make repairs, pick the almonds, grain, seed, olives and fruit. They also needed to be ready to fight whenever there were pirates around…

Courtyard centre 

The courtyard was the centre of a lot of the activity at the ‘possessió’ back in the day. The horses, olive mill, grain mill and cellars were all located around it. 

It was of vital importance to have a place in the courtyard where one could fetch water, and it was customary to have a large tree or two to provide some welcome shade there. The nicest finca adornments, such as larger windows and balconies, were placed with a view of the happenings in the courtyard. 

 Nowadays the courtyards at Mallorcan fincas are still the centre of attention. The courtyards offer a fabulous place to socialize. People love having their dinner celebration at a corporate event, wedding or private party in a romantic Mallorcan finca courtyard. 

Changing times 

Mallorca is unique. Most of the old beautiful ‘possessiós’ from days long gone, still exist. Many of them even belong to the same old families.Today a number of fincas are still ancestral family homes, but a lot of them have been given new purposes too. 

 Farming has become very expensive, and time has taken its toll on the fabulous fragile buildings in need of careful restauration and love. In order to get funds to keep the ‘possessiós’ beautiful. some owners open their doors to weddings and parties.

Others have transformed their ancestral homes into agrotourism hotels, museums or vineyard bodegas. The fascinating fincas are moving with the times. 

 Perhaps you are like the creators of this magazine. We visited some ‘possessiós’ in Mallorca about 26 years ago, and have been under the finca spell ever since. Nowadays we create events in them, photograph them, write about them in Estate Mallorca Magazine and are also more than happy to help you find a finca mansion of your own to buy. Contact us here 

On these pages we will present a number of fantastic Mallorcan ‘possessiós’ all over the island. The first of the fincas you can read about straight away – it is an article about the amazing Finca Son Togores – a beautiful venue for events owned by the Cañellas family. 

Text: Charlotte von Proschwitz.
Photo: Thomas Engstrom.