Actress Alexandra Rapaport filmed ”Mother Goose” (Gåsmamman) in Mallorca with her childhood friend Linda Torkelsdotter Flytström as one of the assistants. 

– We are each others’ lifeline to the past, and love being together on the island.

We have decided on meeting on a modern and elegant restaurant terrace at Iberostar Grand Hotel Portals Nous. There are big lounge chairs in the a beautiful white ambiance, and a fabulous breeze from the beach next door manages to cool us a little in the sweltering July heat. 

 Alexandra Rapaport looks stunning in an airy white and blue summer dress. Her sporty friend Linda Torkelsdotter Flytström is chic in a blue mini. The two of them became great friends when they were just six years old, and spent nine years in the same class at school in Sweden.

– We are more like family, really, says Alexandra Rapaport.

– It’s such a luxury to have a great friend who has been in my life so long, says Linda.

Alexandra became a famous actress in Sweden in 1999 in the film ”Tsatsiki Morsan och Polisen”Since then she has had many successes with TV-series such as ”The Sandhamn Murders” and ”Honour”. 

Penoza became Mother Goose

A few years ago, when Endemol was being launched in Sweden, they wanted to do a remake of the Penoza series in Sweden. Alexandra Rapaport asked if she might be involved in presenting the Swedish version, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

 – I became a mixture of a dramaturge and an editor, says Alexandra.

 When the series was adapted to Swedish circumstances, Alexandra showed the buyers how the story could be told, and suggested that the main character would be called Sonja. When the viewers get to know Sonja Ek in ”Mother Goose”, she is living a normal life enjoying her existence with her beloved family. Her husband Fredrik secretly brings in a little extra on the side to keep the family prosperous, selling marijuana. Suddenly the bubble bursts, and in order to keep her children safe, Sonja is forced to play a dangerous game with organised crime on one side and the police on the other.

– I suppose we have a strong sense of family in common, says Alexandra Rapaport. 

– My family’s holidays together are holy, for instance. I love enjoying Mallorca with them. We make lots of tapas at home and don’t go out much. 

 Alexandra and her director husband Joakim Eliasson are in Mallorca relaxing with their two children Blanca,10 and Elmer, 13, staying in her husband’s family’s apartment near Palma. The kids have a stand up paddle board each, and love bobbing up and down on the waves. Alexandra enjoys taking it easy, sometimes with her friend Linda Torkelsdotter Flytström. But not so long ago they were working together on the island. 

Mallorca became Colombia

– We had some scenes to film for ”Mother Goose” in a Colombian atmosphere for the fourth season of the series, and it seemed like a good choice to do it in Mallorca, and Linda came along to assist us too, says Alexandra.

 – ”Mother Goose” is my baby – it’s my favourite project so far. We ”created” a new airport in Palma at the ferry terminal in Porto Pi, filmed at Hotel Feliz and turned a lovely Mallorcan finca into a Colombian hacienda where one of the characters in the series ”got an eye taken out” in the story…. 

 The idea of filming in Mallorca again appeals to both Alexandra and Linda. 

 – I would love to film more in Mallorca, says Alexandra Rapaport. 

 – It would be nice to be a film crew assistant over here again, says Linda, who normally works with design.

If they come back to film ”Mother Goose” in Mallorca it will certainly be a family project. Alexandra’s husband Joakim Eliasson has taken over as the director of ”Mother Goose”, Alexandra plays the lead and is the executive producer of the series too.

 – When we were searching for a new director I was a bit doubtful at first when my husband’s name was mentioned, says Alexandra. 

 – It’s really important to get the vibe and temperament right. The drama is really strong and there are lots of feelings involved in the series. Eventually the choice did seem logical, as Joakim has been a part of ”Mother Goose” through me. He really has made the TV-series pop now. I am very proud! 

Said ”I do” on the island

Linda and Joakim are both proud of all of Alexandra’s achievements too. Not only does she have prominent acting parts in several TV-series, she is debuting in a film by Martina Haag as well, and she is the executive producer of the TV-series ”Honour” as well. 

 – When Calle Jansson, formerly the head of Discovery Networks Channel 5, asked me to start a production company with him, my husband said ” Congratulations – he is fantastic”, says Alexandra. 

 Alexandra’s and Joakim’s kids have banned all ”shop talk” at home. But it’s getting harder for them to keep the promise as Joakim Eliasson is taking over the director’s chair for the TV-series ”Honour”, where Alexandra plays one of the leads and is the executive producer as well…

 – We have been together for 16 years and married for 12 years and are learning how to talk about work away from home, says Alexandra. 

 – We had a small wedding by the sea here in Mallorca, actually, so this place is more than special to us in many ways! 

Text: Charlotte von Proschwitz.
Photo: Thomas Engström.

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