One of the amazing stone houses Bjurfors Mallorca has on their site:

The trade is in beauty and new horizons. No wonder Richard Rasmussen, real estate agent and co-owner at Bjurfors Mallorca, loves his job. 

 – Lately there has been a huge influx of people longing for fabulous countryside homes, says Richard. 

Bjurfors is a Swedish real estate agency founded in 1965, with many international divisions. One of them is in Mallorca, Spain. 

Richard Rasmussen heads the sales department in Palma, and describes how different his world is to that of an estate agent on the Spanish mainland. 

 – In the south of Spain lots of apartments and houses are sold over the phone, explains Richard. 

 – That is because it is possible to buy a property on the mainland for 70.000 euros. In Mallorca prices have remained high because the demand over here is still huge. It is very difficult to find anything at all over here for less than 200.000 euros.

Fabulous and pricey 

Not only do prices vary between Mallorca and the more reasonably priced mainland Spain. In Mallorca there is a huge leap in prices depending on the property at hand as well. 

A normal purchase through Bjurfors Mallorca is a property of 600 – 700.000 euros. Richard gives us a fine example of how prices can go up and mentions a beautiful property in the Tramuntana mountains. 

 – It’s an absolutely amazing place! It’s an old historic finca that has been completely refurbished. It has 15 large bedrooms and the price tag after all the fantastic work that has been done is 44 million euros, he says. 

 – Another absolute top spot is a fortress with both sea and mountain views and 15 bedrooms. A dream!

Richard Rasmussen with colleagues at the Tennis Club in Palma de Mallorca.

Is anyone buying, you ask?

– Yes, there is a lot of interest in expensive properties too, says Richard. 

The actor Michael Douglas’ beautiful white Ibiza-style finca was for sale for a while at 56 million euros. He has said he wanted to sell it because he had access to it only six months a year. 

– In the end he bought his ex-wife Diandra‘s part of the finca and has spent lovely holidays there with his current wife Catherine Zeta Jones and their children, says Richard. 

Owning a place to live in Mallorca is special. Now that we have had time to consider how much we disliked being cooped up in our small homes during the pandemic lockdowns, people are taking out their savings and investing them in a home over here. 

Michael Douglas´ finca in Mallorca.

Top support

Richard Rasmussen is glad to have the invaluable assistance of two more real estate agents at Bjurfors, and two people doing back office work as well. And there are new additions to the team too.

– I am especially glad that Camilla Alverus has joined us as a co-owner of Bjurfors Mallorca and that Sara Mårtensson is our Chief Operating Officer, says Richard.

– When the pandemic came it changed a lot of things for many of us. And Camilla, who works in the hard hit event business, was in a position to join forces with us. I have known her for many years and am very impressed with her work and her dedication. We are so fortunate to have her and Sara. 

Speaking of the pandemic, in what ways do you think Mallorca will change now?

– I think people will rent houses and stay in small boutique hotels instead of large hotels, says Richard. 

 – And people will buy more homes in Mallorca. Buying properties is much better than keeping your money in the bank in this day and age. The UK left the EU and now they would like a golden visa over here, and we can help them with that too. I think there will be less alcohol related travel and more quality tourism from now on.

Text: Charlotte von Proschwitz.
Photo: Thomas Engstrom.

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