Cecilia and Dennis said “I DO”!

Booking a wedding during the Covid pandemic has been a risky business for many.
Cecilia Niklasson Österberg and Dennis Adali from Stockholm had many a scary moment during the planning, and for a while it looked grim.
But love conquers all! On June 12th their big day came, and it was so beautiful!

Mallorca is a favourite location for weddings, and the wedding trade was booming until the Covid pandemic came and the subsequent restrictions put a spanner in the works for the industry.

In 2019 about 30.000 couples got married in the Balearic islands. Last year that number was supposed to have been 3.000, but for people in the industry that sounds like a lot of tiny weddings without parties, as the rules for weddings were very severe, which made the business lose 95 % of its turnover.

Lots of weddings were rescheduled first from 2020 to 2021, and then to 2022 as well. Some couples decided to go to the Spanish mainland instead, as 500 guests can attend a wedding in some places there.

Cecilia and Dennis were made of sterner stuff. They had booked the iconic venue Son Marroig in Mallorca and wanted to have their wedding there despite the many obstacles they encountered. 

First it looked as if the curfew might put a stop to the wedding, next it was the guest numbers that might not be allowed, then it was the number of guests allowed at each table and after that the no dancing policy before the ”end the party at midnight” came along.

In order to allow for lots of scenarios the couple’s planners www.mallorcaweddingplanners.com had differents set ups and flower decorations at three different venues, where some of the venues could cope with an earlier time table.

The season started with strong restrictions for all private events in Mallorca and the rest of the Balearic Islands at least until the end of May when only 15 people were allowed at an indoor setting at 30 outside. Not knowing how to plan ahead has probably been the hardest thing for all couples to cope with.


Being patient and positive through the process has been very important. Recently the rules changed to allow a more interesting 50 guests outside, and 10 people per table instead of just 4, and that was what Cecilia Niklasson Österberg and Dennis Adali had been hoping for. 

– We are so glad – the venue is even lovelier and greener than I thought it would be, says Cecilia. 

 – And we got the place of our dreams! 

 The guests were invited to a lovely ceremony by the Swedish priest Carin Saracco from the Swedish Church in Palma, and then they had a fun cocktail followed by a stunning sunset and a gorgeous fairy light lit dinner with dancing under the stars (in masks of course!).

Congratulations, Cecilia and Dennis, you give us hope and we wish you the best of luck. It is wonderful that the weddings have begun again. The vast majority of professionals working in this sector, such as photographers, organisers or decorators, have closed their premises to cut costs and the most powerful companies are surviving thanks to ICO credits. 

The young couples wanting to start their new life have been hard hit as well. So many of them have had to reschedule their Big Day, which is very stressful. Seeing Dennis and Cecilia enjoying what they had planned and longed for with their loved ones was an immense pleasure. 

 From now on 120 guests can come to Mallorca to enjoy a wedding here, and all of them have to take an anti gene test before the wedding, or have must had two vaccinations. 

With some luck the Covid rules will soften as we go along. Hopefully the party will soon be allowed to go on a little longer, and masks outside may perhaps also not be mandatory. 

Long live LOVE!

Text: Charlotte von Proschwitz
Photo: Thomas Engström

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