One day, in April 2020, when Covid-19 was paralyzing the world, Katarina Mannheimer Ahlström looked in the mirror and caught sight of a lump on her left breast.

It was a malignant tumour. Katarina decided to do everything she could to heal. 

 – When I was operated on 12 days later, the tumour had weakened to a degree of 90 percent, says Katarina, who has written a book called ”I will get through this”.

She is a picture of health today, with her blonde hair, slender frame and blue eyes, that reflect both sparkling boisterous light and deep sincerity at the same time.

Katarina Mannheimer Ahlström and I are sitting at a café outside her lovely Palma apartment in Santa Catalina, talking about her healing journey. She has just finished writing ”I will get through this”, a very interesting book about tapping into our inner powers to heal. It is a book that all fellow human beings can be inspired by.

 Like so many of us Mallorca lovers, Katarina feels the pull of Mallorca’s strong energy, and has had a love affair with the island since she was five years old and was taught how to swim here.

 – Mallorca’s wonderful sunshine makes us all feel fantastic, she says.

 – In April last year I actually felt fine too, despite the lump in my breast, but the doctor I went to did an ultrasound and made a biopsy, and recommended that I have an operation whatever the result might be. Just six months earlier I had had a mammogram. I couldn’t help wondering how that lump could just have showed up so quickly out of nowhere.

Journey of the heart 

Katarina works as a conversational therapist and runs an education company called Academy Compassion. She has a Doctor’s degree in Clinical Social Work, specializing in Psychology, at the University of Chicago. 

She knows hypnotherapy and has 15 years of experience in visualization techniques and meditation. Katarina has explored spiritual and mystical traditions, and her first book ”Journey of the heart” was a personal reflection about moving from ego consciousness to the seat of the soul. This knowledge was very valuable during Katarina’s healing. 

 – The week after I had the biopsy, the news was all about the increasing amount of corona deaths in the world, and we were told to keep the distance and wash our hands constantly. I thought I was OK, but I had grade 2 breast cancer on the so called Elstron scale. I heard the warm and kind doctor telling me that this type of cancer is hormonal and easily spreads to first the lymph nodes, then to the brain and the bone structure. He said he wanted to make sure things hadn’t progressed, and wished to remove some lymph nodes.

Katarina’s cancer had been found at an early stage. She was lucky, and got an appointment to have the cancer tumour removed less than two weeks later. Friends were calling to say ”You can do this! If anyone can, it’s you”. 

 Katarina went to work as usual in a small apartment where she had a patient booked for a hypnosis session. She enjoyed the healing energy and the creative flow of the hypnosis, and was just about to leave when her husband called. 

 – Darling, he said to me, I think I am coming down with a cold, says Katarina. 


They both thought of Covid-19, of course, and Thomas suggested that Katarina be quarantined to avoid picking up something that might prolong or adventure her treatment. 

 – I decided to stay in quarantine in my work apartment and to concentrate on myself and my healing at least leading up to my operation, says Katarina. 

 – The thought of assisting myself and my healing process was amazing. I wanted to tap into all the resources I could imagine that might help the surgical procedures as much as I could possibly do by myself. 

 Eating a healthy diet and skipping meat, fish, dairy, gluten, alcohol and sugar became an important step in the process. Eliminating all forms of stress was another. Making these choices could greatly reduce the level of inflammation in the body. 

 – I wanted the cancer to feel uncomfortable, says Katarina. 

 – I decided to eat tasty, colourful and anti inflammatory food, such as red, green and yellow peppers, spinach, broccoli, red onion, celery, beets, red cabbage, tomato, wild rice, chickpeas and beans, served with spices such as garlic, rosemary, basilica, ginger, turmeric and chili. Because of all the retreats, meditations, hypnosis sessions and a lifetime of studies, Katarina already knew that one of the most important things she could do was to meet any fears that she might be feeling. 

Facing the fear 

– I really made it my mission to meet my feelings head on, she says.

 – Every time I felt the fear approaching, I invited it in and let it soar like a tornado until the feeling just left as suddenly as it had arrived, and I felt calm once more. 

She also intuited that keeping a sense of being at peace would be the most beneficial to her. 

 – I knew that feeling safe and calm, as if I could be healing, was the most important thing I could do in the long run, she says.

 – I concentrated on that above all else. Meditation became more important than ever to me. Katarina wore soft sweaters to feel cared for, went for nice long walks in nature and watched a couple of episodes of ”Friends” every day. The TV-series was a way of laughing a lot, that Katarina’s children had suggested. 

 – I began to realize that I hadn’t been very good at taking care of myself before, and that I had avoided letting my most feminine side blossom, always prioritising a male perspective. 

 – I needed to do something about this imbalance. And in my meditations I felt that the Universe was supporting me. 

Katarina is convinced that we create our lives from the perspective of the thoughts we have and the attitude we live by. The effect a placebo pill has when we believe it is capable of healing is well known and documented. Katarina has seen it proven again and again in her work with hypnosis meditation too. 


– As you relax you can convince your subconscious that you are being healed, she says. 

 – Our outer reality reflects our inner focus in many ways and ”brainwashing” can actually be used for good purposes too. When we tell ourselves something we wish would happen has already happened, and are grateful for that, we can move mountains.

Healing frequencies became the next big part of Katarina’s healing. Sound frequencies of 444 Hz are not comfortable for cancer cells. 

 – I turned up the volume and used a loudspeaker from my headphones with the very loud screeching sound directed onto my cancer lump. I felt the effect immediately. The tumour started itching and felt like it was healing. I decided to do this morning and night.

Katarina’s operation came and went, and she continued her life in quarantine a little longer, to keep the healing focus during the radiation therapy too. 

Two weeks after the operation she went back to the doctor’s office again. 

 – We can tell you that your lymph nodes were fully healthy, said the doctor to Katarina. 

 – Your prognosis is actually much better now. We don’t really know what happened. Your tumour had hardly any cancer cells left when it was removed during the operation. The tumour actually shrank from 8 to 1% – that means it shrank as much as 90%! ” 

Text: Charlotte von Proschwitz.
Photo: Thomas Engström.

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