Sandie and Steven from Paris fell in love with each other first, then with Mallorca. 

 A ceremony by the sea was the plan, but it was an inland finca that swept them off their feet. 

 – Finca Son Togores is exquisite and Fosh catering’s food is superb! 

The Galician beef tartare canapés, the Marinated langostinos with quinoa and yellow gazpacho along with the Veal sirloin and caramelized onions, had them oo-ing and ah-ing in that typical endearing French way. 

After almost five months without being able to go to a restaurant, Sandie Piron and Steven Boisdefer from Paris sampled their wedding food. And they were more than delighted.

This past year they have been extremely patient. Originally they chose a wedding venue by the sea, but the price had more than doubled since they made their original booking in 2019.

 – We like the sea views at our first venue, but thought we could find another good option, says Steven.                                                        

– Our new venue has turned out to be even better than what we originally planned for!          

The pandemic certainly hasn’t made it easy for wedding couples since March 2020. So many obstacles involving travel, health issues, lockdowns and regulations have surrounded events and celebrations in particular. 

 On May 21st, 2021, Sandie and Steven were finally able to lift from Orly, and their plane landed at Son Sant Joan airport outside of Palma in the afternoon. 

 The venue hunting started immediately in the 26 degree Celsius sunshine. Several beautiful ceremonial spots by the sea were inspected, as well as fincas, hotels and other stunning locations for weddings. 

 – We thought the sea and mountain views in the heavenly village of Deià were fabulous, but the location didn’t feel quite right for us. 

 Some ceremonial spots by the sea near Palma were inspected, and Sandie and Steven decided on a hotel by the sea for their wedding accommodation, but they started to get more and more sure that a finca was what they really wanted for the wedding party. 

 – When we came to Finca Son Togores we knew we had found our spot. The owners are charming and the venue is very beautiful. There are so many great possibilities for the ceremony, and we have yet to decide which one is best for us. But this is absolutely our place! Luckily our wedding planner Mallorcaweddingplanners had booked a tasting at Fosh catering, who do the exclusive catering at Son Togores, so we could sample the venue’s food too. 

 Sandie and Steven inspected the tableware while they were sipping the cocktails. They decided which of all the masses of yummy canapés they preferred for their cocktail hour. They chose 12 canapés, and ordered a double ration of the two canapés they were particularly fond of, to make it a total of 14 canapés. Sandie and Steven then tried three starters, three main courses and three desserts too! 

 – We are French, and people in France love great food and fabulous wines, so we are very picky. We are really impressed with the food and with the service! There is only one thing we want to work a little longer at – wines – we have some wine buffs coming to the wedding… 

Maria the maitre and David the chef at Fosh Catering were more than eager to help, and it was decided that the sommelier will work on some excellent suggestions for a special wine tasting in November, when Sandie and Steven will come back to try all their food choices again, paired up with several exceptional wines. 

– Mallorca is fantastic and we are so glad to be going ahead with our wedding again now!

 Text: Charlotte von Proschwitz.

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