Mallorca is ideal for weddings at fabulous finca venues.

Imagine welcoming the guests with a cool drink in a picturesque village square.
Next a donkey and cart arrives to take a few of the guests for a ride, while the rest stroll down a garden path to where a glorious Mallorquin possessió is waiting … 

Chic white parasols and panama hats are handed out to the guests as they walk together in the lovely sunshine towards the shiny white finca facade. 

Beautiful balustrades and willowy trees surround the upper levels of the garden. A stone folly, partially overgrown with ivy, has been styled with comfortable cushions, elegant candelabras and fresh flowers. A cute rustic market stand with wooden boxes, greenery, baskets, herbs, oranges, lemons and a display of sweet flowers, offers thirst quenching cava and orange sangría from pretty water dispensers. It is all in celebration of love!

Below the upper terrace, the lawn is adorned with altar decoration with lots of flowers and greenery in front of ceremonial seating. A Spanish guitar player strikes up a catchy Spanish tune. Nobody can escape the great vibe of the Mallorcan moment.

Meanwhile the bride is having final touches made to ensure that her beauty is dazzling. The bridesmaids are fanning her with Spanish abanico fans, and the best man is making sure that the rings really are secure in his coat pocket.

On being discreetly nudged by the wedding planners, the groomsmen start ushering the happy guests to the ceremonial spot, while the groom catches a word with the wedding celebrant. Oh yes, and the photographer and video photographer are in place….

There is lots of anticipation in the air. Just at the the right moment the entrance music strikes up and a bevy of attractive bridesmaids starts walking down the aisle. A huge sigh is heard from the crowd as the beautiful bride comes down the aisle with her doting father. And so the love fest begins, specially tailored to fit the personal tastes of the wedding couple. Their wedding planners are making sure that all the details are in place and that the happenings all align in accordance with the agreed plan of the day. 

Inside the finca, five double rooms have been offered to the couple and their closest circle. Outside the finca the wooden dinner tables look charming with garlands of greenery and flowers, and the fairy lights and candles are ready to twinkle when the time is right. 

Behind the scenes the caterers are preparing an abundant cocktail and an even more amazing feast. A waiter is filling up glasses with cava champagne for the toast. A baker is making the final touches to the wedding cake while the band members are checking their instruments.

Tech crews, light crews, DJ’s, entertainers, special entrances, requested sound bytes and lots more all need to be staged and arranged in advance. Inside the finca a Plan B area has been prepared in case of possible freak weather. Transport is pre-booked for the departure.

Visits, introductions, tastings, trials and lots of lovely moments of planning and laughter go into these amazing celebrations of love. And finding the best venues to offer all the great international couples is an important part of the wedding planning work too. Magicmed’s wedding division has just revamped their website and includes this amazing orange valley finca venue 33 in their venue selection. They bid you welcome to the magical world of Mallorca! 

Text: Charlotte von Proschwitz.
Video: Thomas Engström.

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