Officially, history states that Columbus was Quidem-Colonus Genovés, 1451 – 1506, a poor and mediocre wool carder and tavern keeper from Genoa, Italy. 

Nevertheless, an inordinate amount of documents exist that indicate otherwise. According to them, Columbus, or Cristóbal Colom, 1460 – 1506, was in fact born in Mallorca, and had King Fernando and Queen Isabel of Spain as his uncle and aunt. The Spanish king and queen funded Columbus’ first expedition. According to the documents in Mallorca, Columbus approached them in the Almudaina palace in Palma, and not on the mainland. 

The Mallorcan theory states that Columbus/Colom was the son of Don Carlos, Prince of Viana (King Fernando’s brother) and a Mallorcan lady, Margalida Colom. In Felanitx there is an old noble house that is said to be the place where Colom/Columbus was born. 

When he arrived in America he founded a convent and called it San Salvador, which is interesting, as there is a monastery by that name just outside of Felanitx. 

One can read about all this in English in The True Christopher Columbus (An Ancient Lie Exposed) by B. Costa-Amic, and in Spanish there are many books by the same autor— La Mallorquinidad (Catalanidad o Hispanidad) de Colom, el Almirante de la Mar Oceana, a collection of documents and arguments in favor of the Mallorcan origin of Columbus.

Certainly “Colom” is a very common surname in the Balearic Islands, and the specialized Genealogy web: https://es.geneanet.org/genealogia/colom/COLOM states there are 16.307 references to this surname in Spain whereas there are only 63 in Italy. 

Text: Astrid A. Möller

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