Did you know that love literally is what we need to be well?

TV presenter Martina Hirschmeier is planning a health centre on the island to help raise our frequency and promote wellness. 

 – Eating organic flowers, listening to 432 hz frequency music and being in love all make us healthier, she says. 

Martina Hirschmeier has ample TV experience back in her native Germany, both as a presenter and a producer. She has collaborated on projects for prominent TV channels, such as Pro7 and Sat. 1 for the likes of ‘Germany’s Got Talent’ and ‘German Breakfast Club’.  She also founded an educational film company, and has travelled far and wide.

Out of all the lovely places she has visited, she chose Mallorca to live her life. Martina is planning a health centre on the island, focusing on re-creation, health and creativity. Currently, she is working on a podcast for a telegram channel that is called: die Essenz ist die Frequenz (the essence is the frequency). She is working with a machine called a cell tuner, a technology that goes back to the famous physician Nikola Tesla, and has had clients who have experienced enormous positive health changes using it. The technology is built around frequencies.  One of Martina’s goals is to help us feel more healthy and teach us how the entire world is energy, and that the right frequencies are important to our health.


 – Think of how amazing that feeling of being in love is, says Martina, laughing. 

 – We walk around on air, thinking about the person we have those special feelings for. The thoughts make us vibrate on a higher frequency. Everything seems possible and we feel fantastic. When we are one with a high frequency, we experience synchronicity too. 

 Martina and I, Charlotte, who wrote this article, actually became friends because of a series of synchronicities. 

 – I was in an ”I can do it” mood one morning, and decided to take my bike to work that morning for the first time ever. It was a real challenge as there is a long steep slope up to Son Dureta where the TV Studio is, says Martina, with a chuckle. 

 – Because I had my bike I was able to go another way than I normally do with my car, and on impulse, I decided to visit my friend Jessenia in the Petit Mercat fruit shop on Calle Rubén Darío on my way home after work. I love this shop, because in the window it says in Spanish ”Here we treat people and fruit with love”.. I had been meaning to go for such a long time. I walked in, and Jessenia immediately said ”you really must meet my friend Charlotte”. We had a look at Jessenia’s fairy cards, so I stayed a little longer in the shop. A few minutes later Charlotte walked in. She normally goes to the shop in the mornings, but for once she came in late. We chatted and noticed how much we have in common, and a few days later we visited a finca together, and talked about various projects we could do. When doors just open and we feel it all has a deep meaning to us, the event is clearly synchronistic. 

Moments like these seem to be arranged by someone or something else, but we really don’t know why these things happen. 

 – Consider falling in love, for example, says Martina. 

 – You can’t plan falling in love. It just happens! When the sun shines, a flower opens, and when the sun goes away the flower closes. Love is like the sun. If we are closed to love our cells close down, and so does our mind and everything else. We feel isolation and fear. The key is to feel love even if there is no one we could fall in love with at that moment. The opposite to love is fear.

Fear creates illness

 Staying away from fear is important to our health. 

– The more fear we feel the greater the likelihood is of us getting an illness, says Martina. 

– Fear vibrates at a very low frequency and generates more acidity in the body, and so do certain types of food. Meat from animals that experienced pain and panic when they were killed is especially bad for us. When we eat this meat, we are also consuming the frequency of the animal being in fear, and that causes acidity in the body, which in turn promotes inflammation.

 An alkaline body doesn’t get ill. The body’s PH should be at around 7,8. At that level the body is fighting acidity, that creates inflammation that can lead to cancer and other diseases. Therefore, one of the goals we should have is to get the body as alkaline as possible. 

 – Right now media all over the world is making people feel scared. Let’s all do what we can to counteract the low frequencies that make people ill and become healthy instead. 

Martina’s health tips

Martina wishes to share some of her tips that promote happier and healthier people in alkaline bodies with less inflammation: 

 ¤ Visit nature and pick plants to display in your home 

 ¤ Eat more ecologically grown vegetables and flowers, such as the roses in the photos 

 ¤ Always bless your food before eating to raise its frequency, although it feels strange in the beginning ;0) 

 ¤ When you eat, begin by eating something raw – fruit is great! After that you can eat something cooked that would otherwise cause inflammation 

 ¤ Take time to have a bath with bicarbonate of soda in it – soak for at least 30 to 60 minutes to help make your body more alkaline. It’s great for the skin too! 

 ¤ Drink 2,5 – 3 litres a day of good water that has been cleansed through a cleaning system. No plastic bottles! 

 ¤ Breathe in through your nose and count to three. Breathe out through your mouth on 7. Do this three times as often as you can remember!

 ¤ To raise your energy, walk barefoot, meditate, be among flowers, listen to birds singing and listen to music of the right frequency that was used before. 

Was the frequency of music better before? 

– Yes, it was changed in 1939 when the standard pitch tone A was given the 440 HZ frequency that doesn’t benefit us, it irritates our pineal gland. The earlier frequency, 432 hz, is easier to digest, says Martina. 

 – It’s interesting to see what happens to the sand in this film when the frequency changes between 432 hz and 440 hz. Imagine what the frequencies can do with our minds and bodies too! There are also 432 hz converter apps that you can get online to make all your music healthy.

Text: Charlotte von Proschwitz.
Photo: Thomas Engström.

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