It may still be difficult to eat a meal inside a restaurant or take a walk along the sea front without a mask, but it is totally possible to make films in Mallorca. The film crews are doing lots of PCR tests, administered by local nurses, to be safe, however.

At the moment the crew of the German TV series King of Palma is filming in Mallorca and will be doing so until the month of July.

Recently Can Picafort went through a time machine to set the scene for the series, and the entire town was transformed to its 1997 timeline with signs for restaurants, bars and discos from the 1990’s, phone booths and other details from 25 years ago, according to Majorca Daily Bulletin.

The production will move to s’Arenal shortly, where a restaurant on the sea front has been turned into a German beer garden. The TV series is produced by Johannes Kunkel from RTL and the local company Sunnysideup . The American film maker Damian John Harper, based in Germany, is directing it.

Bierkönig beer garden owner, Manfred Meisel was savagely murdered on November 12, 1997 in Palma, along with his son Patrick and an employee, Claudia Leisten. ”King of Palma” is based on this real life tragedy. To this day the murders have still not been solved. Drug lords, maffia bosses and jealous females have all been thought responsible. 

After the fall of the Berlin wall, a German family move to Mallorca to experience paradise. When they arrive they decide to open a beer. This new found freedom comes at a high price, as we will be able to see once the series has been completed.

We are proud to learn that some local actors also appear in the show, including Santi PonsAina CompteIrene SalordMarc Joy and Núria Hosta.

Around 2,500 extras have been hired to take part in the 6 episode series, streamed on the RTL TVNow Channel in 2022.

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