From Left:
Rene Shades -Studio Manager
Lena Neogard Thomander -Client Manager
Fredrik Thomander – Co-owner/CEO
MaySan Lau -Administration Manager
Dani Paz -Producer/engineer/mixer

One step closer to Hollywood! The Screen Actors Guild in America has made Palma Music Studios the first “SAG AFTRA-Approved Audio Studio” in Spain.
Fredrik Thomander, CEO of Palma Music Studios is very pleased. 
– We knew we were being vetted by Americans for some production, but we still don’t know what it is, he says.

They have even been sent a box of face masks from the US that is stuck in customs.
Perhaps the Americans need to be sure things are being done the right way in Europe?  

– We have been carefully checked, including how we run our Covid-19 protocol, says Fredrik Thomander, a Swedish songwriter/producer, with numerous hits all over the world, who now runs Palma Music Studios.
Fredrik also co-owns the studios with Johan Lundgren, the CEO of easyJet in London. Together they have set up a world class recording studio. And now it has been officially approved for film work from Hollywood too.

As one of just a handful of studios in Europe, Palma Music Studios is the first Screen Actors Guild Approved Studio in Spain to be approved for recording talent in movie post production.

– We get more and more actors here, who record their voices for international films, says Fredrik. 

– Film companies call us and send us local and foreign actors. We have had Mads Mikkelsen here for Carlsberg and for film work, and we have had Til Schweiger from Germany, who is doing a huge new film called ‘Medieval’. A year ago we just started working with ‘Mallorca Files’ before they paused for Covid.

Since the beginning in 2018, Palma Music Studios has had a lot of success recording musical talent. When Covid-19 hit in March last year, they had to become creative. 

– We were locked up for two months just like everyone else was, says Fredrik, who has worked with artists such as N’Sync, Arashi, Scorpions, Girls Generation, Agnetha Fältskog (ABBA) and Kim Wilde. 

– We began doing online education courses that went very well, and have had some streamed concerts with for example Jakob Hellman, when 900 people paid to see and hear him play online. My wife Lena Thomander started making audio books, and that has gone really well too. And luckily people want to start recording music again – the Germans are eager to begin. 

Mallorca has taken one more big Mallywood step and we are eager to report back about the film work the US has in store for Palma Music Studios and Mallorca when the time is ripe.

Text: Charlotte von Proschwitz.
Photo: Thomas Engström. 

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