For such trips Mallorca has a great future and many hidden gems to offer.

– Sleep under the stars, work in the herb garden, do yoga and enjoy life, suggests Brenda Ooteman at villa Osa Major near Montuîri in Mallorca.

More and more of us are opting for alternative solutions when we plan our holidays.

Superficial tourist activities don’t attract people the way they used to. Challenging holidays with Bucket List type experiences, transformational health and wellness trips along with spiritual retreats and cultural activities, are all becoming more interesting to holidaymakers.

We plan to present some wonderful examples of out of the box travelling in the Balearics in Estate Mallorca Magazine. Osa Major, a lovely stone villa near Montuiri, named after the ‘great bear’ star constellation that is visible above the finca each night, is one example.

The villa’s many terraces with Moorish lanterns, heavy wooden tables, white sails, a fun tiki bar and chic bamboo details, all offer amazing views of the countryside, along with many recreational and cultural activities. Inside the villa there are airy rooms with wooden-beamed ceilings, stained-glass vases and giant pillows. 

Osa Major is a popular place for weddings and retreats. But the severe restrictions lately have meant a lot of cancelled weddings.

– We have had yoga people come for shorter stays and in smaller groups, says Brenda Ooteman, who owns the lovely 7 bedroom villa with her husband Roland.

– We have also had local Mallorcan companies come for one day activities, perhaps including some yoga and a great catering meal. It has been fun reinventing what we do finding new ways of working safely and inspirationally.

At Osa Major you can join a peaceful retreat,read by the infinity pool or explore the stunning rolling hills nearby, for starters. Once you are ready to get active, Mallorca awaits you with its intense natural beauty, charming old buildings and villages and endless thrilling legends and history.

– Our island is the perfect place for those who wish to find a different kind of trip where you broaden your horizons and engage more deeply with your surroundings, says Brenda.

– We have a lot of space here at Osa Major with yoga zones, the pool and bar areas, a rain proof outside space for meetings, meals or recreational activities, lots of lovely open terraces and great areas nearby and further off to go for hikes in.

Although the rooms are very comfortable, guests sometimes ask if they can go to the Stairway to Heaven terrace and sleep outside on one of the loungers, just to see what it’s like to spend the night under the stars. The memory of a starlit night is priceless.

– We rent mountain bikes and go for challenging and less challenging rides with our visitors, for example, says Brenda.

– There is a great vineyard nearby where we love having wine tastings with local wines and great food. Some friends have a fabulous farm with olive oil and ecological wines near Pollenca that we visit too, and less than half an hour away the amazing natural beach at Son Serra de Marina is a perfect visit. Another thing people really enjoy is to go on is a classic sailing yacht for an afternoon. 

By mixing everyday activities and challenging ones we keep pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone. Once we leave our comfort zone we experience a shift in perspective that improves the way we connect with the world. Travelling the transformational way enriches a person’s life and makes the memory last a lot longer than the journey itself.

– People enjoy simple things like preparing food together too, says Brenda.

– When there are kids here they love it when everyone makes pizza outside. They also adore fetching the eggs that the chickens lay, and seeing what can be made with the eggs afterwards. We have a great local guy who makes pasta from local grains, and it’s fabulous when we combine this with other excellent local food and vegetables.

Some of the guests are partial to working in the herb garden.

– We are going to have bees soon too, we think some of our guests will find that really interesting, and although I have knowledge from working with bees in Holland, we will be engaging a local Mallorcan lady to work with the bees as well. When Brenda Ooteman’s husband Roland had a big birthday two years ago he wanted his friends to bring fruit trees to honour his big day. Thanks to his request, Osa Major now has masses of different fruit trees to harvest from as well – oranges, lemons, apples, olives, almonds, figs, pears, peaches, pomegranates, cherries, nisperos and lots more.

Osa Major is fabulous if you want to make a change or just broaden your horizons.

– We are in the middle of the countryside. When people visit they don’t get to see tall buildings. It’s great to see how disconnected they become!

Text: Charlotte von Proschwitz.
Photo: Thomas Engstrom.

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