Dominique, who works with glamorous tents for events, uses sturdy poles for the bedouin tents that are very popular for events. Now her company Tentagent has new ecological and carbon neutral tents that provide great accommodation for glamping guests too.


Camping + glamour = GLAMPING. 

It sounds vaguely naughty, but it represents a sustainable and ecological way of providing glamorous accommodation and event spaces in comfy tents.

Dominique Huetten from Tentagent did not sit idly at home during lockdown. She got busy with new environmentally friendly ideas. 

 – Before the pandemic we supplied attractive tents to hotels, agroturismos, restaurants in Ibiza,and offered great-looking event tents in Mallorca and Ibiza too, she says.

 – As we couldn’t do our normal job, I decided to find a green and CO2 neutral glamping tent, and started researching what was available. Finally, in autumn last year, I found gorgeous handmade tents in Austria.

These nature compatible tents, called Strohboid Lounge, are surprisingly easy to put up. It takes five to six hours to get the job done. The tents need a base to protect the ground, either done with loose cement blocks or wood on level ground, or stilts, if the area is uneven. The luxurious tents can be a gorgeous permanent addition to any island estate.

Strohboid Lounge is an environmentally friendly tent for accommodation and small events with lots of luxurious details for your estate or hotel. Glamping is becoming more and more popular as people wish to enjoy life and more more off the beaten track on our amazing islands.

– The Lounge tent has beautiful flooring made with wood called beech. There is a 20 square meter wooden frame and two electric systems that can be connected to the main system, offering both light and heating. The electrical system can carry chandeliers, and has LED lights on the inside of the tent, and sockets too. If you like, you can even connect a solar system to it. 

Look at the stunning photos of the glamorous tents. You can chill in them, while eating grapes and sipping nectar. Or, with some of the designs you can have a nap in a separate bedroom that you close with a zipper. If the weather is good you can open the tent and keep the fresh air coming in.

The tents are built in a way that protects the inside from the heat in summer, and lets the sun in wintertime. The tents can handle winds of up to 120 km per hour and fights mosquitos too, providing a suitable net.The fabric is 100% water resistant and durable, and there is up to 10 years warranty.  Those of you who fancy a bigger and even more glamorous tent can take a look at the Pavillion tent that is 70 square metres. In them you can even install a kitchen or a BBQ with a tube that lets the air out of the tent.

– You can connect several tents to each other to make it 300 or 400 square meters. The best thing is – you can create a glamorous permanent tent abode for yourself, for your guests or as a solution for visitors to hire. 

Text: Charlotte von Proschwitz.

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