You know the saying.

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Anne Elina Turunen seems to embody that saying, as she navigates happily around Covid to assist others on the island.

She has placed a pheasant called Hilding at the entrance of her pop up showroom in Calle de la Concepció 28 A in central Palma. Her own colourful artwork is on the walls, creative chef Bittan Gustavsson’s cookery book is on display on a stand, and designer Aira Lee is showing a stylish navy poncho on a mannequin.

It’s a fun mix, and the showroom perfectly enhances how Anne steers ahead in step with the turbulent times. 

– I have actually not been thinking that much about the pandemic this past year, she says.

 Anne, who grew up feeling foreign in Sweden because of her Finnish ancestry, clearly understood that we must all create our opportunities in life at a very early age.

– When Covid happened in Mallorca I wanted it to be business as usual as much as possible, even with all the restrictions. It is my way of tackling life to try to walk around any obstacles I meet.                                                                                                                    

Anne has a big smile and a sunny disposition. She is on leave from her permanent job as a tour guide at the Swedish travel agency Kulturresor Europa, and for one year now she has been working with smaller groups and events for families and friends, following the restrictions, of course.                                                                                                                                             – I help small entrepreneurs promote their products too, says Anne, who found a commercial space and decided to create a marketing tool for people in need of a helping hand.

Several small entrepreneurs have worked in Anne Elina Turunen’s pop up showroom, and soon a jeweller and a clothes company will promote their products and conduct business meetings in Palma there too, at 75 euros per day.

– This is a really good street where lots of people pass by, and we make sure to keep it lit in the evenings too, to show passers by what lovely products we have on display, says Anne.

– I also offer people video promotion, window dressing and market support – oh yes, and I am the coordinator for a young PGA golf professional called Charlie Jerner too.

We are not surprised. We feel sure Anne will help herself and the people who engage her through the tough times, because of her dedication and by being as positive as she is!

Text: Charlotte von Proschwitz.
Photo: Thomas Engstrom.

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