As Michelin stars are constantly showered over Mallorca, the island’s culinary profile keeps rising.

That means many, many other restaurants are worth their weight in gold too.

Innovation, history, tradition, culture, variety and ecological ambition are all in abundance.

Mallorca is restaurant rich, and Palma is a small melting pot with everything from luxury lounges and sustainable trendy eateries to local hamburger joints.

Now we are all crossing our fingers, hoping that the current troubling times will avoid inflicting our warrior restaurateurs and their battling chefs. It is during moments of hardship that innovation flourishes and amazing projects appear out of nowhere.

The Michelin Guide appeared like clockwork despite the viral load, to proclaim heroes within the realms of Mallorca’s gastronomy. A total of nine lovely stars were handed out.

A green star, for sustainability and awareness, Michelin’s brand new award of the year, was given to Andreu Genestra for his restaurant at Hotel Predi Son Jaumell in Capdepera. A total of 20 green stars were handed out in Spain, and Genestra’s was the only one in Mallorca.

Santi Taura rolled his two restaurants Santi Taura and Dins into one and the same project in 2019, and the result is to be found in Palma’s Old Town at Hotel Llorenc in La Calatrava, Santi was rewarded with a star for the first time.

The other brand new star went to restaurant Bens d’Avall and to chefs Benet and Jaume Vicens, who create their prized dishes in a spectacular setting between Sóller and Deià.

British chef Marc Fosh has been creating delicious cuisine in Mallorca for more than 20 years and has earned two stars for his culinary work, one for his former venture at Read’s Hotel, and another long time standing star for his current Restaurant Marc Fosh in the several centuries old monastery-turned-hotel Convent de la Missió.

The restaurants Adrián Quetglas in Palma, Es Racó des Teix in Deià, Es Fum in Costa d’en Blanes, A Maca de Castro in Alcudiaand Voro in Canyamel all maintained their star. Sadly, the Zaranda restaurant by Fernando Arellano closed and therefore lost its two stars.

Two Mallorcan based chefs entered the select section of the guide – Marga Coll at Miceli, and Kiko Martonell at Can Boqueta.

Great Marc Fosh recipes here:

Text: Charlotte von Proschwitz.
Photo: Private.

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