Fresh produce and less plastic.
Chef Ronny Portulidis at The Duke restaurant is taking on the challenge, and wants to support change in Mallorca’s event world. His recipe involves minimizing waste. 
– Refrigerate the surplus and take it to people in need after the event, says Ronny. 

After over 10 years at Duke restaurant in Palma’s Santa Catalina area, at, and many years doing catering in Mallorca, Ronny Portulidis admits that sustainability presents a challenge. Catering involves aesthetics and display.
– I like the lavish look with lots of food, says chef Ronny.

– Buffets and market station presentations at caterings look wonderful with an abundant amount of food. One idea to reduce the waste would be to ”recycle” the food and use it later in the evening as a midnight snack. Another is to drive it to one of the social kitchens in a refrigerated truck after the event. 

Chef Ronny recommends having a plated multi course menu format rather than a buffet.

– Serving plated courses allows a more precise portioning of the food which can drastically reduce the food resources needed, and also the price, says Ronny, who offers plated courses in this format at a cheaper price to encourage the sustainable choice.
Drinks is another area to address to minimize waste and create a cleaner world.

Chef Ronny at Duke Catering is collaborating with the Cleanwave Project, , to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles on the island. At the events he uses refillable glass bottles and glass jugs for the water provided by Cleanwave.
For private consumption there are refilling water stations in Palma too. where you can refill your glass or metal bottle and navigate between the stations with an app. A fabulous project!

 – For wine not that many bottles are used, normally, but we gather them of course and return those that can be returned, and get beer bottles that are returnable, or draught beer.

 – We rent plates, cutlery, crockery and glasses, along with napkins made of cotton or linen that are all washed and used again.
Ronny stopped using straws made of plastic and replaced them for biodegradable straws years ago.
– I don’t encourage using straws, however, as they are more for decoration, he says.

Between the implementations above, Ronny Portulidis is convinced that he can reduce wastage by a significant margin.He hopes that other caterers and event professionals on the island will follow suit and to make the event landscape of Mallorca more sustainable.

Ronny and The Duke catering, ,will be collaborating with the eventplanning company with on several events, and together they have decided to work with Ronny’s concept above, adding to that wooden furniture, decoration that is reusable and also a promise to make a big effort to take care of flowers and plants in the intense heat and give these away to hospitals and care homes after the event, whenever this is possible.

Text: Charlotte von Proschwitz.
Photo: Thomas Engstrom.

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