Chef Kevin Becker, managing director at Fosh catering, knows what he likes.

Fresh orange kumquats with oh! such a sweet flavour, are among his favourites.

– Locally grown herbs, fruit and vegetables taste best, says Kevin, as he shows us around the farm area at Finca Son Mir. 

Kevin Becker, originally from Wisconsin in the US, has travelled out to the elegant venue Son Mir from Fosh caterings’ offices in Palma on his white vespa. Normally Kevin and his staff do the exclusive catering at many great events here at Son Mir, but today he has come to visit in a farming capacity. 

 – We are getting ready to grow lots of lovely herbs here again, along with normal Mallorcan vegetables like tomatoes, cabbage, aubergine, lettuce, squash, onion, peppers, and so on, says Kevin. 

Son Mir is an olive oil farm too, with a piece of land available for farming. British chef Marc Fosh, the recipient of two Michelin stars in Mallorca, an earlier one at the former Read’s Hotel, and a current one for the culinary heights at restaurant Marc Fosh, and chef Kevin Becker, who runs the equally fab Fosh catering, wanted to take the opportunity to grow some great tasting herbs and fruits of the land. 

 – Check out the trees, says Kevin, as he shows us around the nursery. There are some grapefruit trees there, full of large, round and yellow fruit, that Kevin is eyeing for a special dish he likes to prepare with seabass and grapefruit.

The earth has just been ploughed to make way for some flavourful wild asparagus too. On top of that, there are two trees absolutely full of small orange supersized grapes. 

 – Those are kumquats, says Kevin. 
– They are amazing in a gin and tonic, for vinaigrettes or to make marmalade with. 

 Photographer Thomas Engström and I get to taste the beautiful oblong little suns, and they are nothing like the bitter fruit that can be bought in shops by that name. These fruits are fresh and sweet with a tangy citrus flavour, and if you have had one you will eat another and another. They are that good! 

 – In the old days this field used to feed every single person living and working at the finca, says Kevin. 

– We are so lucky to be able to use it again to create excellent aromas in our cuisine, but there is not enough space to cultivate everything we need for the restaurant and the catering. 

Both Kevin and Marc are eager to use km 0 produce because of the the freshness, the aromas, the health benefits and for sustainability. 

 – The farmland at Son Mir is very important for our vegetarian menu, and nowadays the vegetarian menu is actually 35 percent of what our clients ask for, Kevin tells us. 

Mallorca imports a majority of the vegetables and fruit we buy on the island and uses only around 20 percent home grown. Can we turn that around, do you think? 

– One good sign is that the Agromart shops have taken off so well, says Kevin. 

– The prices are the same and the quality is good – of course people will ask for things like ginger, and they need to be imported, but we are pleased to see a step in the right direction.

Great Marc Fosh and Fosh Catering recipes here:

Text: Charlotte von Proschwitz.
Photo: Thomas Engstrom.

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